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Greater Houston Black Chamber Presents Women in Business Live. Work. Play. 2017 Conference

Houston, Texas –  Recently, The Greater Houston Black Chamber presented their 1st Annual Women in Business (WIB) Live. Work. Play. 2017 Conference, at the historic Buffalo Soldiers Museum located at 3816 Carolina St., Houston, TX. 77004.

“For the first time we took our Women in Business Series to a conference level and it was phenomenal,” stated Courtney Jonson Rose GHBC Chair of The Board! “The feedback has been amazing, and we had the opportunity to showcase and feature over 38 speakers!”

In addition to the 38 speakers, the Women in Business Conference kicked off with featured speaker bestselling author Gail Perry Mason who shared with women how to earn money in unique ways and Dr. Lynn Richardson, President, Hip Hop Sisters Foundation ended the conference with some additional nuggets reminding women to “Forgive Themselves, Take Responsibility, Get Educated and most importantly to Take Action!

Although this was the first WIB conference, the Series was started by the Chamber four years ago and has since evolved.

“One of the goals we put in place when we started the WIB Series was for it to become a conference,” explained Che McFerrin, founding chair of GHBC Women in Business Committee. “In the beginning, we started out with breakfast meetings called Coffee and Conversations featuring leading ladies in the community. Since then, we’ve built up to this point!”

Based upon the success and positive feedback from the conferees, The GHBC plans on making it an annual event for women owned businesses.

“Women have been leading our communities since the beginning of time,” stated Walker’s Legacy Founder Natalie Cofield who was a featured panelist. “When we think of ourselves as leaders or entrepreneurs, we’re teaching our daughters, our sons and family how to be empowered financially!”

“It was a day of inspiration, a day of learning, of resources and empowerment” stated C. Renee Wilson, WIB Event Chair! “And were excited about next year!”

About GHBC: Founded in 1935 as the city’s first African -American civic organization, the GHBC has evolved into an active participant in the City of Houston’s socioeconomic process. The organization is a 501(c)(6), not-for-profit, private, member-driven organization that serves the Greater Houston Area. The GHBC helps its partners and members navigate Houston’s large, diverse population, industries and the many nuances, which are unique to Houston.